Universal Absorbent Roll-Dimpled Perforated 80cm x 43m

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Universal Absorbent Rolls are excellent for industrial plants, machine and maintenance shops offering superior absorbency for both oil and water.

JXY general purpose absorbent rolls are made from polypropylene which has a high absorbent capacity. They are able to absorb up to 20 times their own weight in liquid by encapsulating the liquid within the polypropylene’s fine fibres. High absorbency to weight ratio equals lower transport and disposal costs.


- Absorbs it all - oil, coolants, solvents, water, even acids and bases
- Some sorbents come perforated down the middle for reduced waste, saving you money
- Ideal for areas that have fast-spreading leaks, drips and overspray of fluids
- Dimpled for greater strength and absorbency
ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale Absorbency
Standard Duty
80CM x 43M 1 Roll per Bale 150 Liters per roll
Medium Duty
80CM x 43M 1 Roll per Bale 220 Liters per roll
Heavy Duty
80CM x 43M 1 Roll per Bale 300 Liters per roll