Chemical Absorbent Booms-20cm x 3m

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Chemical Absorbent Booms are an effective way to contain and absorb chemical or toxic spills spills on land.

Chemical Absorbent Booms are perfect for construction sites, airports, fuel sites and industrial facilities to have on hand for containment of large volume spills. These chemical booms are constructed with a strong mesh outer skin encasing a highly sorbent polypropylene filler.

Ideal for use with acids and caustics or when you are unsure what the liquid is, these chemical booms will contain and absorb most liquids. Contain and absorb major spills quickly and stop the liquid from spreading.

ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale       Absorbency
JXY-CAB102 20cm x 3m 4 Booms per Bale 80-90Liters per Boom