Oil and Fuel Absorbent Pads-Dimpled Perforated 40cm x 50cm

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Oil and Fuel Absorbent Pads are great for spills on water or land, easily absorbing 20 to 25 times their own weight in recovered liquid.  Oil and fuel absorbents are hydrophobic, which means they repel water. This makes them ideal for cleaning up oil and fuel spills in wet environments, including ponds, sumps, drains, lakes, rivers, creeks or in the rain.

These type Oil and Fuel Absorbent Pads are perforated in the middle and dimpled to help reduce waste and easier to tear.


- Absorb petroleum and petroleum based liquids while repelling aqueous solutions.
- The natural white material easily alerts you to machine leaks as well as current saturation level.
- Pads are ideal for catching drips and soaking up spills on water or land.
- Pads can be wrung out and incinerated after use.

ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale
Light Duty
40cm x 50cm x 2mm 100pcs per Bale
Medium Duty
40cm x 50cm x 3mm 100pcs per Bale
Heavy Duty
40cm x 50cm x 4mm 100pcs per Bale