Universal Absorbent Pads-Dimpled Perforated 40cm x 50cm

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Universal Absorbent Pads-Dimpled Perforated for easy identification and are ideal for spills of coolant, degreasers, paint, blood, bodily fluids, oils and fuels as well as mild acids, bases and water-based chemicals. General purpose absorbent pads are suitable to use for general maintenance clean ups in workshops, schools, factories, warehouses or anywhere a spill could occur.

- Dimpled for fast wicking
- Perforated, so you use only what you need
- Highest durability
- Low linting

Universal Absorbent Pads are:
- Great for industrial sites and factories, mine site and maintenance workshops, factory and warehouse floors, panel and paint shops, fuel handling facilities, oil storage depots, vehicle repair shops and transport facilities.
- Polypropylene pads with high absorbency for spills, leaks and drips.
- Easy to use and will not degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids.
- Able to rapidly absorb spills for improved safety and productivity in the workplace.

ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale
Light Duty
40cm x 50cm x 2mm 100pcs per Bale
Medium Duty
40cm x 50cm x 3mm 100pcs per Bale
Heavy Duty
40cm x 50cm x 4mm 100pcs per Bale