Universal Absorbent Roll-Dimpled Perforated 1m x 40m

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Universal Absorbent Rolls are ideal for general spill cleanup. They can be used as coolant, solvent, water or oil absorbents. To suit any application and budget, these gray universal absorbent rolls are available in different sizes and types.


- Dimple bonding gives added strength and durability.
- Optional perforations gives the user the ability use the required sorbent material needed for the job.
- Absorbs petroleum and aqueous based liquids.
- Absorbs and contains acid and caustic solutions.
- Pads are ideal for catching drips and soaking up spills.
- Universal Sorbent Rolls & Pads are perfect for spill control and spill cleanup.
- Sorbent Products pads offer you the greatest absorbency.
- Perfect for larger spills.
- The gray color hides the grime.
ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale Absorbency
Standard Duty
1M x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 170 Liters per roll
Medium Duty
1M x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 250 Liters per roll
Heavy Duty
1M x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 330 Liters per roll