DOT Type II Medium Duty Turbidity Curtain

Silt curtains are floating barriers used in marine construction, dredging, and reclamation project to control the silt and sediment in a body of water. Floating Silt curtain can be set up to keep construction areas in compliance and protect the environment, it is also referred to as Turbidity Curtain,Turbidity Screen,Turbidity Barrier,Silt Barrier,Sediment Curtain etc.
JXY® Silt Curtain Skirt is made by permeable or impermeable fabric and are fabricated to any size that will fit your specific application.JXY Silt Curtain can support customization.

-Control of sediment and run off from marine construction sites;
-Easy to operation;
-Effectively protect ecological environment;

DOT Type 2 floating turbidity curtains are ideal for containing silt and turbidity in moving water applications. These silt curtains are used to control and contain silt / sediment within an immediate work area thereby preventing anything from floating down stream and affecting marine life.  Floating Turbidity Curtains protect our waters and environment whenever construction occurs in a marine environment.


- Rivers
- Inland Waterways
- Harbors
- Protected Ports
- Lakes with wind and/or current

Floating Turbidity Curtains are available in 20m per sections or any custom length up to 20m.the skirt can be as deep as required by project requirements.
A permeable skirt is important if there is the need to allow water to flow through while containing silt or turbidity. 

NOTE: Float size is determined by skirt depth and or your job requirements.

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