Chemical Absorbent Cushions-30cm x 35cm

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Chemical absorbents will absorb almost any liquid making them ideal for dealing with aggressive chemicals or just importantly when you are unsure what the liquid spilled is and the yellow colour coding acts as a distinct visual indicator of a potential hazard.

Chemical absorbent cushions are useful for containing and absorbing fluids like acids and alkalis, and can be combined with drip pans to deal with bigger spills.

Specifically for use with chemical and hazardous liquids.
- Bright yellow colour to indicate hazardous material
- Use in all areas of chemical plant and chemical manufacturing
- Very useful pans and cushions
- Place pan under leaky drum taps, pipe unions or valves
- Small Cushions can be placed directly into pan

ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale Pack Sorbency
JXY-CAC002 30cm x 35cm 10pcs per Bale 40 L