Chemical Absorbent Pads-Dimpled Perforated 43cm x 48cm

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Chemical and Hazmat Absorbents are designed to contain and absorb hazardous liquids such as acids, caustics, oils, coolants, solvents and other solutions. They are perfect for use in hospitals, laboratories and chemical storage areas.

Chemical and Hazmat Absorbent Pads are perforated along the centre allowing them to be easily divided so you can get the right size pad for the spill and to assist in placing in small or confined spaces.

- Used to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, aggressive chemicals as well as oils, coolant, and solvent based spills.
- Ideal for use with day to day spills in any environment.
- Perforated for economy of use.
ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale
Light Duty
43cm x 48cm x 2mm 100pcs per Bale
Medium Duty
43cm x 48cm x 3mm 100pcs per Bale
Heavy Duty
43cm x 48cm x 4mm 100pcs per Bale