Chemical Absorbent Roll-Dimpled Perforated 1m x 40m

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The chemical absorbent roll is an effective and handy way to contain and absorb any liquid spills, including aggressive chemicals such as harsh acids and unknown fluids. The high-performance absorbents are inert and will therefore not chemically react with or degrade absorbed liquids. Its ultrasonically-bonded properties also boost tensile strength, ensuring the roll holds its shape even when fully saturated. The Workplace Depot is excited to offer the Chemical Absorbent Roll.

The chemical absorbent roll can be used at a wide variety of commercial premises, including any industrial facilities, factories, warehouses, hospitals, laboratories and processing plants. They are perfect for absorbing spills, drips and leaks around machinery and should constitute an integral part of any emergency spill response plan in any chemical storage area or chemical reactor.

Chemical Roll can be used in a number of ways including:
- Around acid baths, chemical reactors and process plant
- Rolls for large areas
- In laboratories to clean up and collect spills
- Chemical storage areas
- As part of your spill response plan
- Supplied in plastic packs, suitable for damp areas

ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale Absorbency
Standard Duty
1M x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 170 Liters per roll
Medium Duty
1M x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 250 Liters per roll
Heavy Duty
1M x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 330 Liters per roll