Chemical Absorbent Socks-7.6cm x 120cm

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JXY Chemcial Spill Response Absorbents are effective for even the most aggressive fluids - Including hydrofluoric, sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric, hydrochloric acids and other harsh chemicals and provide superior performance without product degradation.

When it comes chemical spills you need to know you are using the best Hazmat and Chemical Absorbents for the situation. The JXY Hazmat absorbent socks for potential chemical spill environments are an excellent choice as part of your spill control contingency plan. JXY chemical and hazmat absorbents have a high resistance to acid and base type spills and will perform in the most aggressive spill environments.

Specifically for use with chemical and hazardous liquids. Industry standard bright yellow colour to indicate hazardous material. Use in all areas of chemical plant and chemical manufacturing.

Ideal for hazmat spill cleanup, spill containment and chemical response spill cleanup.

- Quality chemical absorbent socks in handy dispensing boxes of 20.
- For absorbing acids, caustics and other corrosive materials.
- Ideal for use as temporary bunds around drums and IBCs.
- Each pack of absorbent socks has the capacity to absorb 60 litres of chemicals.


ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale
JXY-CAS101 7.6cm x 120cm 20pcs per Bale