Oil and Fuel Absorbent Boom-3.0m x 20cm

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The Oil And Fuel Absorbent Boom is a versatile containment product designed for spill containment and cleanup in both land and water locations. Perfect for use around marinas, ports, harbors, industrial facilities, and more, these booms are easy to store, fast to deploy, and ideal for immediate spill response.

All sorbent booms are covered in a UV resistant polyester netting with an interior absorbent that is equipped to absorb oil while repelling water. Each boom features steel rings at the end of the boom that can be linked together to form extended lengths around your facility.

These large marine oil and fuel absorbent booms:

  • Are a heavy duty, long-term or emergency deployment absorbent boom.
  • Include internal floats which enable the boom to float and provide a containment barrier even when fully saturated with oil.
  • Feature a heavy-duty, knitted outer mesh sleeve to provide tensile strength and UV protection.
  • Are naturally buoyant.
  • Used booms can be squeezed and re-used.
  • Feature fast and simple snap hook joiners at each end of the boom to allow multiple booms to be joined together.
  • Are highly water-repellent and oleophilic (attract oil).
  • Lightweight and simple to use and deploy without the need for specialised PPE.
ITEM CODE Dimensions Qty Per Bale Absorbency
JXY-OAB102 300 x 20cm 4 pcs/Bale 80 Liters per boom


Absorbent capacity: Up to 80 litres per boom.

Booms can be ordered individually.