Oil Snares

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Oil Snares also called Oil Absorbent Pom Poms. Oil Absorbent Pom Poms can be used to recover heavy oil off of the water and many other surfaces like rocks for easy clean up. Pom Poms are designed especially for heavy oil recovery. Absorbency rates will vary based on the viscosity of the oil or fuels, temperature and environmental conditions.

·  Pom Poms can be wrung out after recovery to be re-used.
·  Fast and easy to deploy and retrieve.
·  Rope with looped ends allow for easier anchoring and handling.
·  Hydrophobic and will float on water.
·  Commonly used to remove and recover oil from around piers, beaches, ponds, water separators, bulkheads, water, and various other surfaces.
·  Adsorbs 60 times its own weight based on viscosity and ambient temperature.

Oil Absorbent Pom Poms are designed in a style that is similar to pom poms used by cheerleader. Each pom features a series of individual absorbent strands that work together to absorb oil around shorelines. All poms are sold in a quantity of 30 poms per bale. These 30 absorbents can be packed together loosely in a bag.
Code Specification Package Quantity
JXY-OAPP102 Oil Selective 30 individual pom poms in a bag