Oil and Fuel Absorbent Roll-50cm x 40m

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Our all absorbent products are designed to attract oil and repel water in your location. This allows the material to specifically target spills, making cleanup fast, effective and economical.

JXY Oil and Fuel Absorbent Rolls absorb oils over larger areas on land or water, protect walkways and machines from oil spray and contamination from foot traffic. Cut to size and place around machinery and at road accidents beneath damaged vehicles.Oil and Fuel Absorbent Rolls are efficient, absorbing only petroleum-based fluids and repelling water. They are also more economical for use in large spills than other kinds of oil absorbents such as pads, because of the large area that they can cover.


  • Selectively absorbs oils and fuels and repels water
  • Will float on water even when fully saturated
  • Retains strength when wet

APPLICATIONS of Oil and Fuel Absorbent Rolls:

  • Ideal for use outside and for the selective recovery of oil from water.

Typical Oil Spill Applications of Oil and Fuel Absorbent Rolls:

  • Oil Spills in Water such as Marinas
  • Spill Cleanup on Land
  • Placement on Walkways
  • Cleanup around Machinery or other Industrial Equipment
  • Easy Cleaning on Construction Sites and Decks
ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale Absorbency
Standard Duty
50CM x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 80 Liters per roll
Medium Duty
50CM x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 120 Liters per roll
Heavy Duty
50CM x 40M 1 Roll per Bale 160 Liters per roll


40m standard duty oil absorbent rolls are supplied individually.