Oi and Fuel Absorbent Sock- 7.6cm x 1.2m

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Oil and fuel absorbent sock are made from meltblown polypropylene and are colour-coded white for easy identification.  These absorbents are able to absorb up to 20 times their own weight in oil and have a fast-wicking action to clean up spills quickly. Oil and fuel absorbents Socks are hydrophobic, which means they repel water. This makes them ideal for cleaning up oil and fuel spills in wet environments, including ponds, sumps, drains, lakes, rivers, creeks or in the rain.


  • Flexible
  • Low Liquid Leakage
  • Can be Used in Many Applications
  • Absorbs both Light and Heavy Oil
  • Contains Oil without Getting Bogged Down by Water

Typical Oil Spill Applications:

  • Oil Control in Ports and Marinas Around the World
  • Helps Contain and Absorb Small or Large Oil Spills
  • Bent to Surround Leaky Equipment
  • On Boat Decks, Shops, and other Industrial Locations
ITEM CODE Dimensions Qty Per Bale Absorbency
JXY-OASK101 7.6cm x 120cm 20 Pcs/Bale 7 Liters per sock


Absorbent capacity: Up to 7 litres per sock.

Booms can be ordered individually or per carton/bale 20pcs.