Universal Absorbent Socks-7.6cm x 120cm

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Universal absorbent socks filled with cellulose for superier universal absorbency. Universal Absorbent Sock - absorbs water, oils, and cleans up acids, caustics, solvents, urine/bodily fluids, flammable and toxic liquids.

Contain and Absorb Spills-Surround spills with absorbent socks to prevent the spread of fluids, while any liquid that comes into contact with the absorbent sock is quickly soaked up.

The Universal Absorbent Socks are ideal for preventing, confining and at the same time absorbing external leaks from machines or equipment. The flexible socks can be placed easily around the bottom of machines, or they fit into tight spaces to prevent contamination and to protect and keep leak-prone work areas clean.


- Socks easily mold into any shape.

- Good to use on a variety of spills.

ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale
JXY-UAS101 7.6cm x 120cm 20pcs per Bale