Universal Absorbent Socks-7.6cm x 360cm

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Universal Absorbent Socks work great to control, contain and absorb spills, and can be used to act as a dike. Universal Sorbent socks are a must have to prevent liquids from spreading to unwanted areas.

Universal Absorbent Sock - absorbs water, oils, and cleans up acids, caustics, solvents, urine/bodily fluids, flammable and toxic liquids.


- Absorbs and retains oil, water, solvents, coolants, etc.
- Surround spills to prevent spreading.
- Wrap around leaky drums, tanks and sinks.
- Wrap around machine bases for leak protection.
- Useful as a barricade.
- Place in assembly and production areas.
- Contained absorbent makes cleanup quick and easy.

ITEM CODE Dimension Qty Per Bale
JXY-UAS102 7.6cm x 360cm 8pcs per Bale