Emergent Events! The"SANCHI"oil tanker was collided and then

On January 6 at 8 p.m., The Panamanian "SANCHI" oil tanker was collided with the HongKong “CF CRYSTAL” bulk carrier in about 160 nautical miles east of the Yangtze estuary. The accident was caused the whole ship fire of the oil tanker, the ship was turned to the right and the crew was lost. The bulk carrier was damaged, but it did not endanger the safety of the ship, 21 crew members have been safely rescued.
The Ministry of Transport attached great importance to the immediate deployment of search and rescue and clean-up work, they requested the Chinese maritime Search and Rescue Center and the Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Center to coordinate their efforts for search and rescue. Until the 9 o'clock of the 7th , maritime law enforcement ship "Sea Patrol No.01" and Professional Rescue ship "Donghai Rescue No.101", "East China Sea rescued No.117" have arrived at the scene, "China Sea Police No.31240" ship, 3 professional clean-up ships and the big horsepower tug with oil spill containment booms and oil absorbent pads were rushed to the scene, Shanghai Fire Bureau has sent fire experts to go with the ship.
With the coordination of the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center, the Korean Maritime Police has dispatched 1 sea police vessel and 1 fixed-wing aircraft. At present, the "SANCHI" oil tanker was in the floating state, and it was still burning, there was oil pollution on the sea, the search and rescue actions were tensely carried out.

It was reported that the Panamanian "SANCHI" oil tanker was belonged to the Iranian Bright Shipping Co., Ltd., the total length of the ship is 274 meters, the containing condensate oil is about 136,000 tons, it was sailed from Iran to South Korea, there were 32 people in the ship, including 30 Iranians, 2 Bangladeshi, it was currently in a state of failure; HongKong "CF CRYSTAL" bulk carrier is attached to Zhejiang Wenling Changfeng Shipping Co., Ltd., the total length of ship is 225 meters, it is carried 64,000 tons of food, it was sailed from the United States to China's Guangdong province, there were 21 people with all Chinese nationals in the ship.
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