Panamanian fire oil tanker was fully deflagrated in the estu

"Donghai Recue No.117" tanker was carried out fire extinguishing to the accident ship on the spot.

On January 8, cover reporters from the Ministry of Transport were learned when the Panamanian SANCHI" oil tanker was collided in the near sea of the Yangtze River estuary. It was caused full fuel explosion of the hull and the leakage fuel in the surrounding waters, and the fire was fierce. According to the judge of the expert group, "SANCHI" tanker was existed explosions, sink and other dangers.

The reporter was learned that at 8 p.m. on January 6, The Panamanian "SANCHI" oil tanker was collided with the HongKong “CF CRYSTAL” bulk carrier in about 160 nautical miles east of the Yangtze estuary.  The accident was caused the whole ship fire of the oil tanker

It was reported that the Panamanian "SANCHI" oil tanker was belonged to the Iranian Bright Shipping Co., Ltd., the total length of the ship is 274 meters, the containing condensate oil is about 136,000 tons, it was sailed from Iran to South Korea, there were 32 people in the ship, including 30 Iranians, 2 Bangladeshi, it was currently in a state of failure.

HongKong "CF CRYSTAL" bulk carrier is attached to Zhejiang Wenling Changfeng Shipping Co., Ltd., the total length of ship is 225 meters, it is carried 64,000 tons of food, it was sailed from the United States to China's Guangdong province, and there were 21 people with all Chinese nationals in the ship. The bulk carrier was damaged, but it did not endanger the safety of the ship, 21 crew members have been safely rescued.

The related responsible person of the Ministry of Transportation introduced, after the happening of accident, the Ministry of Communication has set up an emergency working group, and they were fully engaged in emergency command, personnel search and rescue, ship rescue, accident investigation and other work.

Among them, "Sea Patrol No.01" ship was worked as the onsite command ship, which was responsible for organizing and coordination on-site search and rescue operations. According to the drift trajectory forecast of the marine sector, they identified the search point and the search area, the site has 3 professional rescue ships, 4 business ships, 2 clean-up ships, 4 past merchant ships, many fishing vessels and 1 South Korean sea police vessel to regionally carry out search and rescue operations.

Until 8 o'clock on 8th, the search and rescue site did not find the missing people, because it has a great damage of the volatile and deflagration of toxic gas to the onsite rescue workers. Shanghai Maritime Bureau has designated the 10 nautical miles radius avoidance area surrounding the "Sangji” tanker, and they issued a navigational warning to prevent the passing ship from accidentally causing secondary accidents.

In addition, the reporter was learned that at present, the People's Republic of China Maritime Bureau has set up an accident investigation team to initiate accident investigation.

In the premise of ensuring security, the collision "CF CRYSTAL" tanker was helped by "Donghai rescue No.118" professional rescue ship to drive to the Lvhua Mountain for berthing and accept the maritime investigation.

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