How Does Oil Spill Impact Marine Life?

Oil Spill can happen in many kinds of ways, such as the mishandling of oil pipes and tankers.Oil Spill really influence on the marine environment and their profound has been carefully documented, for instance the famous oil spill in Gulf of Mexico on 2010 which is recognized as the worst oil spill in U.S. history.


One of the most direct ways to showing marine life is affected by oil spills is by essentially suffocating plants and animals. A film of oil has covered the marine plants which will prevent oxygen and water exchange to make the plants to die. When oil is spilled, most of the volatile compounds disappear quickly. However, the oil remains floating on the surface of the water and starts to disperse, forming a quite thin film which can cover large areas of water. 


Oil spills could impact coastal and marine environments in many ways, and can include:

-fatality rate or long term impacts on marine mammals,sea birds and other
sea life,
-physical damage or permanent loss of foreshore and marine habitats,
-impacts on the health, viability and diversity of coastal ecosystems,
-damage to aquaculture stocks, facilities and tainting of commercial
-smothering of, and damage to, intertidal biota and vegetation,
-contamination of coastal infrastructure and amenities leading to impacts
on tourism and other recreational activities,
-shut-down or damage to power station cooling water, desalination plant
intakes or salt pans,
-economic loss at both the regional and national level,
-adverse media and political attention on the oil and shipping industries
and their operations

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