Dongying: Pipeline Oil Spill Near Guangli Rive Now Oil Spill


As known from the official blog of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Production Plant, in the evening of 28th of April,the gathering group found the oil spill on the north land of guangli river and promptly inform. After confirmed,the oil spill caused by the corrosion of multi-purpose station pipeline to produce sand hole. Now, the sand hole has been blocked.
At 18:00pm of 28th,April 2016, Shengli oilfield production plant gathering group’s duty shift room found the pipelines oil spill auto monitoring system has unusual, then immediately organized to patrol. At 18:30pm, has found the oil spill on the south road surface of guangli river and immediately inform the command ceter, production command center immediately inform the oil extraction plant command center, and oil extraction plant rapidly start the oil spill emergency plan for the oil spill of muliti-pirpose station pipeline. In order to prevent the oil diffusion, they deploy 7 sections of Oil Containment Boom in the guangli river, and use the Oil Absorbent Boom and Oil Absorbent Pad to prevent and maximum reduce the oil spill pollution.

Now the sand hole has been blokced and already start to producing.

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