Jxy-9000C vessel


The four legs with the continuous speed Jxy jacking system
and the diagonal pre-loading allow for easy and fast installation.
The Jxy-9000C is intended for use in water depths of up to 45m in a North Sea environment.

The Jxy-9000C is equipped with an 800 t heavy duty offshore
crane developed by Jxy for the Wind Turbine Installation
market. The GLC-800-ED crane combines a high capacity & high
outreach with a short minimum radius, is located on top of the
portside aft Jack-house and revolves 360o unrestricted around
the leg.

The main deck is locally reinforced for the transportation of wind
turbine parts or other heavy components. In addition the vessel
has the ability to work in the Offshore Oil & Gas sector.

Principal dimensions

Hull length 130.80 m
Hull width 39.00 m
Hull depth 9.00 m
Hull draft 5.60 m
Leg length max. (incl. spudcan, from base) 81.50 m

DNV 1A1 Self-elevating Wind Turbine Installation Unit CLEAN

Power generation

4 diesel generator sets of 4,320 kW
1 emergency diesel generator set of 600 kW


Propulsion for transit is provided by three propulsion azimuth
thrusters of 3,500 kW, together with another three tunnel
thrusters of 1,750 kW. These provide thrust for station keeping
with a DP-2 dynamic positioning system.

Transit speed approx. 12 kn

Variable load
Variable load 6,500 t
Deck load 5 - 10 t / m2
Deck area 3,200 m2

An accommodation deckhouse suitable for 90 persons is located
on the forward end of the vessel.

A helicopter landing deck suitable for a Sikorsky S92/ S61N or
Super Puma AS 332L2 is provided on top of the deckhouse.

Units under construction

? Hull L208 at Drydocks World SEA, for delivery in 2012
? Brave Tern, at Lamprell, 2012
? Bold Tern, at Lamprell, 2012
? Sea Installer, at Cosco, 2012

Jacking design condition
Significant wave height 1.8 m
Current velocity 2.5 kn
Wind velocity (1 min. mean @ 10 m) 14.0 m/s
Max. elevated weight abt 18,000 t

Elevated survival condition
Max. wave height 21 m
Wave peak period 13.8 s
Current velocity 2.5 kn
Wind velocity (1 min. mean @ 10 m) 41.0 m/s
Water depth 45.0 m
Airgap 15 m

Jacking system
The vessel is equipped with the JXY continuous
hydraulic positive engagement jacking system.

- Max. Jacking capacity 5,300 tf per leg
- Max. Holding capacity 9,000 tf per leg

- Platform lifting speed 24 m/hr
- Platform lowering speed 30 m/hr
- Leg handling speeds up to 40 m/hr

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