Absorbent Spill Socks For Oil Clean Up

Oil absorbent socks contain highly absorbent polypropylene material.  Our oil absorbent socks are ideal for creating a barrier around machinery to prevent the spread of an oil spill or to skim the oil off the water surface.

  • Absorb oil not water
  • Strong permeable outer skin resistant to tearing 
  • Ties on each end to enable overlap
  • Place around oily machinery to prevent leaks from spreading and causing hazards
  • Temporary bund around new deliveries
  • 2 standard sizes
  • In settling ponds and waste water lagoons
  • For garage and vehicle maintenance areas
  • In fuel/oil dispensing areas
  • Supplied in plastic packs for storage in damp areas




 Pack Quantity


Single Sock 

7.6 (d) x  120 (l) cm



Single Sock 

7.6 (d) x  360 (l) cm 


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