Jack-UP Oil Drilling Rig Platf

The platform is drilling, power, communications, navigation equipment, as well as safety and staff living facilities of offshore oil and gas exploration and development, is an indispensable means. The main points for the movable platform and the fixed platform in two categories.

Supporting and fixing platform legs is directly into the sea, so the drilling platform, good stability, but because the platform can not move, so the drilling cost is higher.In order to solve the problems of mobility and deep-sea drilling platform, and the emergence of a variety of mobile drilling platform, including: sit bottom type drilling platform, jack-up drilling platform, drill ships and semi-submersible drilling platform.Bottom sitting drilling platform called drill barge or inserted pile drilling barge, apply to the river and bay,30m following shallow waters. Bottom supported platform has two hull, hull and called on the working deck, placement of living accommodation and equipment, through the tail, opening with cantilever structure drilling; the lower part is a mat, its main function is the ballast and the supporting role, as drilling foundation. Two hulls by the support structure. The drilling device at the operation site to the mat and water, making it the bottom. So the stability and the structure, operating water depth not only limited, but also by seafloor Foundation ( flat and solid level ) constraints. So this kind of platform for the slow development of.

However our country along the coast of Bohai, Dagang Oilfield of Shengli oil field and the Liaohe Oilfield at extending in the shallow sea, large tidal range and bottom slope, for the development of such shallow water area resource of oil submersible platform, still have larger development future. At the beginning of 80 time, people began to pay attention to Arctic sea oil development, design, construction area of bottom supported platform also caused by marine engineering community interested. There are several bottom supported platform for the region, it can be a pressurized carrier sit on the seabed, then in the platform central fill gravel to prevent platform sliding, completed after the drilling can be discharged ballast float, and moved to another location.Jack-up drilling platform comprises a platform, leg and elevating mechanism, platform along the pile leg lifting, generally without self-propelled capability. When the leg lower into the sea bottom, the platform is lifted off the surface of the water safe working height, and the pile leg for preloading, to ensure that the platform during the storm without sinking pile leg. Completion platform down to the sea, pull out the legs and all mention of the platform, floating on the sea, by the tug towed to a new location. In 1953the United States built the first jack-up platform, this platform to the depth of strong adaptability, good work stability, development is rapidder, accounting for about1 of the total number of mobile drilling rig /2. Our own manufacturing of jack-up drilling platform" Bohai one" platform four pile leg is composed of circular steel tube made of, leg height more than 70meters, lifting device is the bolt type hydraulic control mechanism. The drilling platform is lower in cost, migration, on seabed terrain adaptability, therefore, China offshore use jack-up drilling platform.

Technical Data:

Rig Required Description Company Minimum Requirement

Rig Name

Availability window Q1 2012

Rig Type Jackup

Rig Design Preferred Baker Marin Class

Design Features 3 x Independent Leg, Cantileverd JU unit

Classification Agency ABS

Year Built New



Rated Water Depth (ft) 350

Overall Leg Length including spudcan(ft)

Usable leg length below Hull More Than 360 ft

Rated Drilling Depth(ft) 30000

Quarters Capacity 120

Helideck Sikorsky S61N

Variable Load (MT) 3500

Envelope(ftxft) 75 x 30


6 x 3ph 600 V60HZ; Equivalent CAT 3516 C

Emergency:1 X1200hp

Derrick 730MT

Drawworks 680 MT ; 3000 HP

Top drive 750MT; 1000HP

Rotary Table 675MT; 49 1/2''

Mud pumps 3x2200HP; Equivalent to NOV 3 x 14P220

Solid Control

3 x Shale shaker

1x Mud cleaner


2x Desilter; 1 x Vaccume Degasser; 2 x Centrifuge

BOP system

Diverter 49 1/2'' x 500psi

LP 20 3/4" 3K

HP 13 5/8" 10K

C&k Manifold 10K

BOP Control System 3000 psi

Storage capacities

Diesel (m3) 600

Drill water(m3) 760

Potable water (m3) 570

Bulk products(m3) 330

Sack (sx) 5000

Liquid Mud (m3) 660

Brine (m3) 190

Base oil (m3) 190

Rig Tubular

DP 5 1/2'' 5 7/8" DP, 20000 ft, XD105 or 51/2, G105, 21.9 ppf

DP 5'' 500 m, 19.5 ppf, G105; S135

DP 3 1/2'' 3 1/2" DP, 1500m, G105

DC 15x9 1/2", 20x8", 15x6 1/2" , 15x4 3/4"

HWDP 30 Jts 57/8 or 51/2", 57 ppf and 50 Jts 31/2", 13.3 ppf

Cranes 3x Cranes; 1 x 75' 24MT; 2x55' 31MT

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