Shore Sealing Boom

The Shore Sealing Boom is a new oil spill control equipment for containing and controlling oil spills of various viscosities which have been washed ashore with the tidal waves. It is largely used to prevent oil spill from spreading on a beach and land. It can be used for stationary deployment and also for makeshift deployment in response to an emergency.

The Shore Sealing Boom is largely used on riversides or costal beach with tidal waves and a border between waters and land and can also be used on the land only.

Main accessories include an inflating pump and water-charging pump.

1.There is an air-charging buoyancy chamber in the upper part, two bladders in the lower part. The three bladders are arranged in the"Y" shape and the boom has the excellent steadiness and wave-riding ability.
2.On both sides of the chamber are provided with the splash-proof wings to prevent oil spills from splashing out with the waves.
3.The shore sealing boom body is in small size for hig mobility and speedy deployment.
4.The product uses the quick connector for the standard booms and can be connected to other types of boom rapidly.
5.Can be used on the border between waters and land to effectively contain and control oil spill.

Technical Data:

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