Inflatable Rubber Oil Containment Boom

Inflatable Rubber Oil Containment Boom is a major equipment for containing and preventing oil spills from spreading and shifting in response to an emergency. Its main accessories include a power station, an inflator, a tractor, a reel frame and a container. It is widely used on the waters of seas, harbours, rivers, on wharfs and offshore oil platforms, in the rescue of vessels and on other water areas where there are oil spills.

1.Its framework is made of the double-layer, high strength nylon canvas coated with the oil resistant, ageing resistant, high quality synthetic rubber.
2.The unique air valve design allows for easy and speedy inflation and perfect air-tightness.
3.Elastic struts are arranged between chambers to make the boom quite stiff to effectively prevent waves from overtopping.
4.The tight tensile ballast chains are the barrier preventing the boom body from being broken.
5.Either the luminous marking or the color of the rubber coated on the boom can chosen for easier identification.
6.The flame retardant rubber boom can be chosen for the occasion where the high fire rating is required.
7.It can be supplied with such accessories as boom tractor, trail rope and anchor block according to the customers' order.


Technical Data:

*Note: The technical data are subject to change without notice due to modifications to the product and shall be confirmed by the manufacture and the customer.


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