100%pp Grey Universal oil Abso

100%PP Grey Universal Oil Absorbent Pads:
1. Oil absorption quantity of 10-20 times
2. Economical and effective
3. 100% PP construction

1.One sided spun bond gives extra strength as well as lower lint.
2. Chemically inert : product does not degrade or cause a dangerous chemical reaction with the adsorbed liquid.
3.Grey colour alerts workers that the product is being used for hazardous liquids.
4.Grey colour also allows the user to identify and separate hazardous waste for disposal, resulting in lower disposal costs.
5.Perforated for flexibility : use only what you need and minimize waste.


Item& Code Size Thickness Qty/ Bag Absorbency Weight Volume
Jxy-GP501 40cm*50cm 2mm 200pcs 128 L/B 8kg/B 0.08 m3
Jxy-GP502 40cm*50cm 2.5mm 100pcs 80 L/B 5kg/B 0.05 m3
Jxy-GP503 40cm*50cm 3mm 100pcs 96 L/B 6kg/B 0.06 m3
Jxy-GP504 40cm*50cm 3.5mm 100pcs 112 L/B 7kg/B 0.07 m3
Jxy-GP505 40cm*50cm 4mm 100pcs 128 8kg/B 0.08 m3

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