Spill Control Grey Absorbent P

Spill Control Grey Absorbent Pads

Main Features:

1)Three-tier structure of the dark gray which is used to cover up the dirty can coordinate with most of the outdoor environment
2)The broad absorption,use of diversity,thickness of different products can meet your purpose and budget.
3)Reasonable distribution of pore-like structure of the points can enhance the speed of absorbtion and save the time of dealing with leaking.
4) There is the line for easy tear in the middle,,which can save the use-cost.

The application of environment :
1)It can absorb various of oil,coolant,solvent water and others .
2)It is used for cleaning up and protecting the machinery vehicles, machinery , equipment maintenance, workstations, storage and liquid storage point
3)It can be used where is easy to occurrence of leakage,and spilling .


Item& Code Size Thickness Qty/ Bag Absorbency Weight Volume
Jxy-GP501 40cm*50cm 2mm 200pcs 128 L/B 8kg/B 0.08 m3
Jxy-GP502 40cm*50cm 2.5mm 100pcs 80 L/B 5kg/B 0.05 m3
Jxy-GP503 40cm*50cm 3mm 100pcs 96 L/B 6kg/B 0.06 m3
Jxy-GP504 40cm*50cm 3.5mm 100pcs 112 L/B 7kg/B 0.07 m3
Jxy-GP505 40cm*50cm 4mm 100pcs 128 8kg/B 0.08 m3

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