A Mobile Production Unit With

This MOPUstor concept consists of a steel storage tank supported
directly on the sea bed, three (or four) tubular legs, firmly
connected to the storage tank, a barge type platform deck that
can be jacked along the legs and a jacking system.

The MOPUstor is operating on the Danish shelf in the North Sea.
Formerly it was owned by Statoil.

Particulars Siri
Water depth 65 m
Wave height 25.7 m
Deck size 57 x 50 x 6.7 m
Deck weight at installation 9,300 t
Deck weight limit 11,000 t
Leg diameter 3.5 m
Twelve-slot well caisson diameter 5.25 m
Net storage capacity 50,000 m3

Project data

contractMarch 20, 1997month 0
tank + well caisson
May 15, 1998month 14
jack-up deck tow-outSeptember 30, 1998month 18
installationNovember 18, 1998month 20

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