Cleaning Oil Tank

Cleaning Oil Tank

1 .introduction

For large crude oil, refined oil storage tank sludge cleaning, adopted at present more or

human method. Although human sewage has the advantages of less equipment, simple

operation and low construction cost to use, but there is a crude oil recovery rate is low,

long construction period, easy to cause the problem of pollution and accidents often occur.

Our company independently developed the automatic oil tank mechanical cleaning

system based on PLC. The system can monitor in the operating parameters, has the

function of alarm, automatic shutdown, various parameters of the automatic storage,

query, print etc.. The working principle of this system is: from the oil tank suction sump oil,

filtering, heating after the oil return tank, so move in circles, sediment gradually

discharged, oily became clear, reach the requirements.


(1)Oil Tank Cleaning Equipment system

Cleaning machine system consists of a power mechanism, the transmission

mechanism, the body and the nozzle, nozzle can be used for horizontal and vertical

direction of rotation, the cleaning medium hot oil, hot oil is jetted from the nozzle, can

remove attached on the pipe wall and surface of tank bottom sediments.

(2)Vacuum pumping system

The system consists of filter, suction tank, vacuum pump and recycling pump, all parts are

mounted on a skid body, commonly known as the A skid. When working, the vacuum

pump action of the vacuum suction tank to produce a certain degree of vacuum, and thus

will be cleaning the tank at the bottom of the oil suction pump, through the filter tank,

suction tank is also provided with a filtering device, centrifugal pump will pump tank after

two filtration of oil to the recovery tank.

(3)Heat exchange system

The system consists of centrifugal pump, heat exchanger, air compressors and other

equipment, also all the parts are mounted on a skid body, commonly known as the B skid.

The system is connected with a vacuum pumping system, the oil is pressurized and

heated, and transported to the washing machine in the initiations as cleaning media.

(4)Gas monitoring system

The system is composed of oxygen detector and the combustible gas detector, to detect

the concentration and monitoring of oxygen and combustible gas tank.

(5)The nitrogen supply system

The system consists of liquid nitrogen tank and nitrogen evaporator, transporting nitrogen

to the gas space tank, prevent caused by the static electricity, fire and explosion accident.

In addition, the whole cleaning system also needs to be provided with electricity, heating,

water supply system and water separation facilities and various piping.

(6)System features

(1) system can be used in zone 1, zone 2 dangerous places, II A, II class B hazardous gas


(2) cleaning time is short, 100000 m3 oil tank cleaning only 15 days

(3) controls the combustible gas tank with an inert gas, construction safety.

(4) no leakage, no pollution to the environment.

(5) the manual control, automatic control and emergency control of three forms of control,

simple operation, intuitive

(6) the comprehensive economic benefit is obvious.

(7) Technical parameters

(1) the working voltage of AC 380V.

(2) in the PLC memory card capacity 2GB; according to running 24 hours a day, can run

parameters stored for 180 days.

(3) the degree of vacuum in the vacuum tank -230mmHg to -340mmHg, can be set by the

user through the display screen.

(4) the liquid level in the vacuum tank value in 250mm to 900mm, can be set by the user

through the display screen.

(5) seal of centrifugal pump in the temperature of -20 ℃ ~80 ℃, when the temperature

over 80 ℃ alarm system, and stop working, protection equipment.

(6) PLC control cabinet the highest temperature of 80 ℃, when more than 50 ℃ control

cabinet, cooling equipment (fan) will automatically open, as the control cabinet cooling,

when more than 80 ℃ alarm system, and stop working, protection equipment.

Price:USD1,850,000/unit FOB Shanghai Port and delivery time is about 45-60days.

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