Compact DP3 Drillship

As an option the design can be fitted with a GustoMSC patented
Thruster Retrieval System, enabling on-site inspection, maintenance
and replacement of thrusters.

The Qdrill design includes the following specific design features:
Drilling in 3,000 m water depth
Marine drilling riser hold allowing for 60" OD riser joints
DPS-3 compliant system
Drill floor and moon pool arrangement allowing for handling
the largest subsea trees in the market

Static hook load 908 t (2,000 kips)
Riser tension load 1,588 t (14 of 16 x 250 kips)
Setback capacity 1,275 t (2,800 kips)

Drilling up to 5 m significant wave height, stand-by up to 6 m

significant wave height

Engine room located aft for noise and vibration free

accommodation and smoke free work deck and drill floor
Fully covered passageways below main deck extending forward
to aft for safe personnel transfer on both sides

Casing storage for two wells
Very large 3rd party and well testing deck featuring two burner
boom locations
Easy access work deck at elevated level utilized as preferred,
e.g. casing preparation, locating logging units or CT reel
Fixed work deck over riser hold
Hangar launched ROV (2) close to the moon pool and at optimal
location with respect to motions

Main dimensions
Length (bpp) 198.0 m
Breadth 34.0 m
Depth at centerline 17.5 m
Typical design draught 10.0 m
Displacement 56,000 t
Variable drilling load 15,000 t

Diesel generator sets 2 x 3 x 7,370 kW
Emergency generator 1,500 kW
Total installed power 45.7 MW

Thruster capacities
Azimuthing thruster 3 x 4,500 kW
Azimuthing thruster 2 x 4,500 kW
Azimuthing bow thruster 1 x 4,500 kW
Total thruster power 27 MW

Transit speed
Free sailing speed 12 knots

Fuel storage 35 days
Drilling two casing programs

Tank capacities
Fuel Oil 3,530 m3
Potable water 1,085 m3
Drilling water 2,850 m3
Mud 2,520 m3
Brine 1,660 m3

Storage capacities
Bulk capacity barite/bentonite 476 m3
Bulk capacity cement 340 m3
Bulk in sacks 10,000 sacks/500 t

Drilling capabilities
Risers - 21" 3,000 t
Casing 3,380 t
Drill pipes, collars and tools 640 t
Slip joints 100 t
BOP handling 420 t
Xtree handling 70 t, height 13.2 m

Rating 2,000 kips
Crown mounted compensator 1,500 kips
Drawworks 6,000 hp
Set back capacity 1,275 t
Riser tensioners 16 x 250 kips

Knuckle boom cranes fwd (riser handling) 2 x 85 t
Knuckle boom or king post cranes aft 2 x 85 t
Pipe handling knuckle boom crane 12 t
Telescoping helideck support crane 5 t

POB 180
Helideck Sikorsky S-92A
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