Deepwater Drillship

Principal dimensions and main particulars
Length overall 229.6 m
Length between perpendiculars 210.0 m
Breadth (moulded) 36.0 m
Depth at side 17.8 m
Depth at centerline (moulded) 18.3 m
Scantling draught 12.0 m
Displacement (scantling draught) 76,000 t
Deadweight (scantling draught) 44,500 t

The vessel, including her machinery, equipment and outfitting is
designed and constructed under special survey of Det Norske
Veritas, to obtain the Class notation:
1A1 Ship-shaped Drilling Unit E0

Maximum drilling conditions
Significant wave height (Hs) 6.0 m
Wave period (Tp) 10-13 s
Wind speed, 10 min. mean (Vw) 25.0 m/s
Current speed (Vc) 1.1 m/s

Stand-by conditions
Riser connected, but no active drilling operation.
Significant wave height (Hs) 8.5 m
Wave period (Tp) 15-18 s
Wind speed, 10 min. mean (Vw) 30.0 m/s
Current speed (Vc) 0.8 m/s

Power generation
? Main diesel generators 6 x 4,300 kW
2 x 8,700 kW
? Emergency diesel generator 1 x 1,500 kW

Propulsion and DP
Main propulsion
azimuthing thrusters 2 x 5,000 kW
Retractable azimuthing thrusters 4 x 5,000 kW

Transit speed
Free sailing speed approx. 12 knots

The autonomy of the vessel is 90 days drilling.

Tank capacities (approximate)
Fuel oil MDO 8,000 m3
Potable water 1,400 m3
Drill water 3,000 m3
Liquid mud 3,600 m3
Brine 1,400 m3
Base oil 1,200 m3

Storage capacities (approximate)
Barite and/or bentonite in bulk pods 450 m3
Cement in bulk pods 450 m3
Bulk in sacks 6,000 sacks

Drilling capabilities
Risers 4,000 t
Casing 2,000 t
Drill pipes, collars and fishing tools 850 t
Miscellaneous tools and pup joints 50 t
Telescopic joints 90 t
B.O.P. 400 t
Third party equipment 1,200 t
Drilling cuttings 100 t

Derrick (main + auxiliary) 2,500/1,500 kips
Derrick base 80 x 60 ft
Derrick height 210 ft
Main drawworks 6,900 hp
Auxiliary drawworks 5,800 hp
Set back load 1,587 t
Single wire line tensioners 16 x 250 kips

Deck cranes
1 off 165 mt knuckle boom crane, with lowering capability to
10,000 ft water depth
1 off 100 mt knuckle boom crane
2 off 85 mt knuckle boom crane
1 off 20 mt pedestal crane

Accommodation & heli-deck
POB 209 persons

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