Floating Wind Turbine

The main dimensions of the present design have been optimized
for a 5 MW wind turbine in 50 m water depth of the Central North

The total angle of roll and pitch (static + dynamic) is less than 10
deg both in operational and in survival conditions. The accelerations
of the unit are acceptable for a normal design of the tower
and the various bearings.

It might be advantageous to build the wind turbine and semisubmersible
floater at different locations at great distance from
the wind park. The mating of the wind turbine and the floater can
be done in a harbour or other sheltered place. The tow out and
offshore hook-up only requires relatively small boats. Although
the unit will be designed for low maintenance, it is easily possible
to bring the unit inshore for major repair, if required.

For a large offshore floating wind farm in accordance with this
concept the production cost is estimated at 0.06 to 0.07 EURO/
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