Moving Pad

Moving Pads:
Moving Pads can also be referred to as moving blankets, furniture moving blankets, packing blankets, shipping blankets or furniture moving pads. We often mention weight per dozen when describing our moving pads/blankets. Because quality of moving pads/blankets are rated by the amount of fill, showing weights of blankets can help to easily compare quality between different styles. All of our moving pads are in stock and ready to ship.

Feature and packing:
Cotton/Poly Blend Fabric (Black/White)
72"x80" Furniture Moving Blankets
Shipping blankets 90-95 pounds per dozen blankets
These cotton/poly blend moving blankets are thick and heavy.
We've got thousands in stock and shipping these moving pads is fast.
Made of cotton filler and cotton/poly blend fabric on two sides
12 Moving Blankets per case

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