PP Filter Net

Our PP Filter Netting Pillow can used for filtering the oil with silts, they help make the oil be clean.

PP filter net
Materials: thermoplastic thread,such as polythylene,PVC,and polypropylene thread
Weave characteristics:plain weave ,single twill weave and double twill weave .The products are resistant to corrosion,oil,abraion,thermal conductance,shock,absorptive to sound and nonconductive.
Uses:the products are used as filter in petroleum,chemical industry and beverage industry,,asistant mesh inmedical industry,for production in construction and fishery and aquiculture.

Filter net,also said Bi-planar drainage nets are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP).

Filter Net adopts the grid made from haemoid colophony and has different appearance, strength and function. It can be used as either basic material of anti-penetration and filtration system, or combined with other medium by its excellent strength and elasticity. It has many good characters such as high temperature, chemical corruption.

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