Polypropylene Ene Acyl Amine

Polyacrylamide application in petroleum exploration of polyacrylamide is one kind of multifunctional oil field chemical treatment agent, widely used in petroleum exploitation, in oil exploitation is used as oil displacement agent, water plugging agent, drilling fluid, fracturing fluid additive agent.

The first aspect: in well cementing, well completion and workover application: in the well cementing when drilling encountered serious loss of layer, polyacrylamide as mud slurry retarder, drag reduction agent, mud filtration reducer, slurry plugging agent to reduce operation difficulty, avoid the occurrence of accidents; in well completion and workover can be used as a drop fluid loss agent, tackifier and clay stabilizer.

In second aspects:: oil displacement agent in enhanced oil recovery EOR in three polyacrylamide can adjust the injected water flow, increase the driving fluid viscosity, improve the efficiency of water flooding wave hair, reducing water phase permeability, water and oil at a uniform speed forward flow. Previous surface active agent and additives mixed with ultra low interfacial tension of the microemulsion injection water injection wells, then injecting polyacrylamide solution, finally water injection. The water was flowing forward displacement plunger, dispersed in residual oil of pores, improve the recovery ratio of crude oil. For the three production of polyacrylamide general mass fraction of10%-50%, relative molecular weight from several hundred thousand to more than.

In third aspects: water shutoff regulator: in the process of oil field production, due to heterogeneity of formation, often produce flooding problems, the need for water plugging, its essence is to change the water in the formation of the seepage state, to reduce the oil water, keeping formation energy, increase the ultimate recovery factor of Oilfield of. Polyacrylamide as water plugging agent for oil and water with the penetrating ability of selective permeability to oil, reducing the maximum can exceed 10%, and the water permeability reduction can be over 90%.

In fourth aspects: drilling fluid conditioning agent: PAM modulation into solution and its role in the regulation of rheological properties of drilling fluids, oil drill cuttings carrying, run, reduce fluid loss. Polyacrylamide solution modulation of the drilling mud proportion is low, can reduce to oil and gas reservoir pressure and blocking, easy to find oil and gas reservoirs, and is helpful for drilling, drilling is also faster than conventional mud is 19% higher than the mechanical drilling speed, high around 45%, in addition, can also greatly reduce sticking accident, reduce equipment wear, and can prevent the occurrence of well leakage and collapse.

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