N95 Respirator

N95-level respirator is at least 95% efficient when tested against sodium chloride (salt). Used for solid and non-oil based particles. Applications include grinding, sanding, bagging and general processing of various minerals and other substances that do not contain oil.


1) Quality Products with quick delivery;

2) Made with multi-layered non-poisonous, nonallergic, non-stimulating materials;

3) Adjust the bandage strip and the built-in bandage foam cushion to adapt to various face shapes with comfortable sealing;

4) The filter layer is made of high efficient melt blown web which resists dust and oil-free particle.

5) Suitable to textile, mining, construction, electronic, food processing, cement, disintegration, agriculture, farm garden, glass, cleaning, etc. workshops.



First Step: Adjust the buckle which on the both side of the respirator to the optimum position.

Second Step: White cloth cover shoud placed the front position of your mouth, nose and chin.

Third Step: The ear-hang belts on the both side should be pulled on the ears.

Fourth Step: Adjust the piece on nose, and make it fitting with your nose.

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